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im picking this sammy up hopefully this week and im wondering how should i output my pc to it?

VGA i know the samm does 1:1 but im wondering coz my gfx does HDCP and dual DVI can i just run a DVI->HDMI cable and maybe get a better picture that way?

ANyone tried both?



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Don't bother with the HDMI for anything other than video - the overscan makes any screen text look terrible.

1:1 pixel mapping over the VGA port on the Sammy LE32R41BD looks brilliant. I would especially recommend Half-Life 2 (in 16:9 widescreen mode at 1360x768) which is simply amazing! :D


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Damn i was looking at going down that route. I want to use something other that PC mode at night, as the backlight cant be turned down it makes my eyes bleed when the room is pitch black.

I was looking into the Ati cards, that have a dongle on them that lets you have component out and display you pc at 720p or 1080i from what i understand, also this would allow me to lower the backlight.

Does anyone know of any Ati cards that do this, not looking to spend a great deal as it wont be used for games


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The DVI to HDMI cable worked well on my Sammy so if you could find some way of compensating for the overscan you might get a decent picture through HDMI.

My nVidia 6800GT allows you to adjust for overscan but I'm not sure if you can get 1360x768 to work. I don't know if you can do this with the ATI cards. VGA looks great and is problem free so I haven't bothered too much with the HDMI option.


I connected my Samsung via VGA with my PC (ATI X740XL).
The picture is really good in 720p but when I configure the Resolution to 1366 x 768 I get two blue stripes left on the left and right (about one inch wide) and I don't understand why as I thought it should be without any bars at all.

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