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Le27s73bd Samsung Excesive Red Faces

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by ABAJUX, Jan 25, 2007.


    ABAJUX Guest

    Hello im daniel i have a problem with this lcd tv
    i modified all presets and lower the general color i probe
    all presets normal cold etc.. and the faces of people
    are too red color,if i put the general color too low the red
    color is correct but the other colors are very low
    i only wish to low the red color on faces
    i kwow exist the service menu and i observe parameters
    like r-gain r-offset but i dont know how to change this values and the diference please if you guys helpme how to
    lower this red excess

    and i observe other thing,wen i put on the energy save
    i hear a little noise from back on tv. is this noise normal?
    any help i very apreciated thanks
    sorry for my language im from spain
  2. erniebert1

    erniebert1 Active Member

    Jan 11, 2007
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    If you know how to get into the service menu ( with the tv in standby press INFO, MENU, MUTE, POWER if you don't ) you can go to option 4 SPV-PX. then you select colour management and change the skin direction from reddish to yellowish. Did this with mine and looked alot better.

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