Le Pacte des Loups

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Jimmy the Saint, Nov 10, 2001.

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    Just received and watched my copy of 'Le Pacte des Loups' or better known as 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' over here.
    The film is set prior to the French revolution in a small province called Gevaudan, where 123 people were brutally murdered by a vicious beast, and tracks the progress of the two men sent by the King to resolve the murders.
    The style of the film and cinematography are breathtaking and for once original! Where else would you find a combination of a period drama incorporating martial arts and werewolves but under the direction of Christophe Gans. Gans' previous work, Crying Freeman, also stared Mark Dacascos (Drive, Crow 2), who brings the film it's oriental theme. Add to this Vincent Cassell, Samuel le Bihan and the gorgeous Monica Belluchi and you've got one hell of a film!! If you haven't seen it yet, it is now showing a limited release here in the UK, and for those French speakers of you out there, you can pick up a copy of the dvd from www.amazon.fr . It comes in a two disc set with DTS and a host of extras (except NO English subtitles). I imagine the English verison will be released after the January 2002 outing of the film in the US.
    Check out the trailer at www.brotherhoodofthewolf.com :eek:

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