LE-A656 with PS3 means no XVYCC?


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A mate of mine brought one of these lovely looking tv's and we came across a bizarre issue where when being fed a 1080p signal from a UK PS3 xvycc is greyed out in movie mode.

Used my sky-hd box and sure enough xvycc was then an option.

All going through a Onkyo 875 amp (checked xvycc is turned on) and also directly connected to the back of the tv to rule out a amp issue.

Can anyone else with this tv confirm if they have the same?
If it works then what firmware are you running?




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Surely someone has a ps3 connected to one of these tv's who can tell me if their xvycc is enabled?



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You can only turn the option on while a bluray is playing, must only come on at 24Hz. Mine gives me the option through my amp too.

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