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Hi all

I'm looking into building myself a mini-ITX HTPC and have seen the LV-673 (http://www.commell.com.tw/Product/SBC/LV-673.HTM).

The questions I have are:
* Can I connect my Pioneer 505XDE to the LDVS?
* And if so, how and what do I need?

Any help would be appreciated.



the LVDS interface on those boards is for connecting up a lcd panel, i.e. when the board is used in integrated industrial applications. Same situation with laptop motherboards, they all have an lvds interface, although there is no current standard for these physical connectors, so it is up to the system manufacturer to interface with the lvds connector on the motherboard with their lcd.
I would hazard a guess that the lvds interface on these boards is some sort of custom connector peculiar to this manufacturer only...As they mention a "5 pin invertor connector" I would assume my statement about it being custom for integrated design is correct, as they initend for the invertor (which powers the light section of an lcd display) to be directly plugged into the motherboard, which is typically how industrial/custom pc design work.

The short answer is NO.

The long answer: email them and ask if they have an add in board to take advantage of the lvds interface to connect to your telly. Although the quality will not be any better than dvi.


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Cheers for the quick reply! :thumbsup:


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