LCR60 S3 or Gallo Due


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I fanlly managed to get my system setup:
9.1 ( Gallo Due as centre, Gallo Diva Ti as L/R, and Gallo micros for the other 6 postions accompanied by a servo15 sub.)
Amp: Yamaha dsp-Z9.

This is a considerable big upgrade from a yamaha A2, Boston and Rel Q100E sub.

However I am not sure if it is a system setup or just the speakers, but the centre ( gallo Due) doesn't seem to be loud enough.
I know someone on the classified is selling the LCR60 S3 for ~£100.
I got the Due for £250.

Should I replace the Due for the LCR60 S3 ?



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ekso glad you got the micros ok

if you do decide to swap let me know about the future of the due...... think i could find a home for it

looks like at the moment i have changed my mind again and am going for a Due centre with A'divas all round


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smiders, yes, thank you. All are in great shape, and my fitter said that, so must be true. The Adiv's do look big compared to the micros though !

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