LCR Upgrade Based on In-Room Response Measures


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I’m narrowing down my list of speakers for a LCR upgrade and have been doing an immense amount of reading and research. I’ve posted some similar threads to this over last few months, but thought I’d post this one final thread that focuses on some key technical attributes of my current setup and room acoustics in an attempt to get to a final buying decision.

Due to COVID, I really haven’t gone out to sit and listen to speakers at dealers.

I also live in Canada, so some of the selections I’ve narrowed down to aren’t even available here for demo.
I am also considering eating shipping fees just to audition in my room as well.
In the meantime, I rely on the excellent feedback from members of this forum and others, so please be generous with your expertise and recommendations.

My uses:
I’m about 70% HT and 30% music.
The loudest I usually listen to is about 70-80 avg. SPL with 95-105 peaks and often it is a little bit less than that.

Existing system sound and what I’m looking for in an upgrade:
By REW frequency response measurements, my mids are clearly recessed in my room (see my averaged (across 3 listening positions) frequency response charts below).
This is the BEST response I could achieve in my room after a full audio calibration with REW, miniDSP, xover, sub distance, phase adjustments, etc. + acoustic panel room treatments.
I don’t use any RC yet (ARC Genesis beta) because it is in beta and doesn’t really do any smoothing at all (doesn’t help my recessed mids).
I use a miniDSP 2x4 HD and have go great results <100Hz with that.

By ear, I’d describe my sound as too “smooth” or maybe warm is a better term? Almost like it needs to be crisper and even more detailed or sharper.
I had in the past described it as bright but that was not accurate at all.
It’s almost like I feel I could lift a veil from the sound with an LCR upgrade. Having said this, I know it sounds way better than most other setups already.
I feel often in HT that I need to turn up the volume for low scenes but then bass becomes too overpowering, even though I have a pretty good Harman curve with 100Hz only about 8-10dB below 30Hz.

Other than what is described above, I’d like to improve as noted for both HT AND music playback.

It needs to be an assured WOW upgrade experience.

My current 5.2.4 system:
Paradigm Studio 60 v4
Paradigm Studio CC690 v5
Paradigm CI Elite E80-R (mid heights)
Paradigm CI Elite E80-A (rear heights)
Paradigm CI Elite E80-IW (surrounds)
2x PSA TV2112 subs
Anthem AVM 70
Monolith 9x amp

Room Details:
~2,600^3 HT area at one end of a 15,000+^3 open concept games room basement
I have no rear wall behind my MLP (well, it’s actually about 45’ behind me)
As mentioned, I’ve recently installed some really thick GIK bass trap acoustic panels on all first reflection points.
This helped with ETC graph reflections but didn’t improve the in-room response too much as measured.

LCR Upgrade Path Options:
My budget is about $16K CDN (this is about $11K USD). This includes taxes, shipping, import charges, etc.
One of the ruling option decisions is that I need an LCR that has a center that would at the minimum be a lateral step from my excellent CC690 v5. This is very difficult to assess as not many have experience comparing the CC690 to other center channels.
My Paradigm CI Elite (Prestige series) height/surrounds will remain.
I am limited to 13” height for my center speaker (due to space under my projection screen)

Through my research I’ve narrowed my LCR upgrade list down to the following, but am completely open to suggestions on other speakers as well:

JTR Noesis 210RT + 210RM
-wow upgrade for sure, but fugly – putting behind acoustic transparent screen is not an option for me – having a hard time with this one due to WAF

Revel F226Be + C426Be
-wow upgrade for sure, but at top end of my budget and may be overpriced due to being in Canada for what I get

JBL HDI 3800 + 4500 center
-not sure how this would compare to the JTR’s above, but they certainly look nicer

Ascend Sierra Towers with RAAL + Horizon center
-I think the Horizon center may be a step back in quality from my CC690

Other speakers I considered but struck off the list:

KEF R11 + R2C
-R2C center didn’t seem to be a sure thing to beat my CC690

B&W 702 S2
-weaker center, others have said mainly paying for pretty cabinets

Focal Aria 948/936
-weaker center

Monitor Audio Gold 200/300 + Gold C250 or Platinum PLC150
-not enough feedback on how these would compare to my existing system

In-Room Frequency Response Measures (sub only + avg for Center, Left and Right each includes subs):
Subs Only.jpg

C avg.jpg

L avg.jpg

R avg.jpg

See pics attached (had a hard time inserting them in the post directly)





And these are after the GIK acoustic panels were installed:




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Hope you have copy pasted the same text to AVSForum (US) cause you won`t get much user feedback from those brands here (UK). Paradigm owners are mostly writing at AVSF too. This is not to push you away, just a heads up if you don´t get much of replies. :) Audioholics forum is US based too so perhaps you could ask there aswell.

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Most of us in the UK read this and then fell off our chairs that you have a single room that is bigger than most of our houses!

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