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LCoS RPTV - Pros/Cons/Availability???

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by AVYank, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. AVYank


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    Greetings Fellow AVForum-ites,

    Does anyone know the skinny on LCoS RPTV's? I recently saw the Philips 55" LCoS RPTV (55PL9773) on display at the local AV shop. Despite bringing along my Digital Video Essentials disc to perform some basic calibration, I was - quite frankly - underwhelmed. I was very much prepared to have my socks blown off, but regrettably was fairly disappointed.

    I am aware of 2 Manufacturers currently making LCoS RPTV's, Philips and Toshiba, and was wondering if anyone had heard or seen of any new models/brands. Apparently the new Toshiba model (57HLX82) has 3 1080p (Full HD resolution! - 1920x1080) LCoS chips, making it far more detailed than the Philips set. I think I can safely assume the Toshiba set would better illustrate the benefits of LCoS...

    Anyhoo, my questions are these:

    1. Has anyone else seen the Philips LCoS model I mentioned earlier? Was it everything LCoS has been hyped up to be? Deep down I'm hoping it could have been a bad signal/connection/gremlin at the AV shop...
    2. The 400:1 contrast ratio of the Philips model is conspicuously bad. Does anyone know the contrast of the Toshiba model?
    3. Has anyone demo'ed the Toshiba set?
    4. Does anyone know if Philips plans to release a 1080p version of their LCoS set?

    Thanks for your help!

    Philips set - spec sheet:
    Toshiba set:
  2. Oddbodd

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    Apr 7, 2002
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    Sunny Tyneside :)
    Hi AVYank, I'm assuming from your name your American?
    While I have heard/read reports that the Phillips set will be released in this country (U.K.), I don't think there is any chance of us "Brits" seeing the Toshiba :(
    I should'nt have looked at the spec. from your link as it just depresses me to see how far behind we are in this AV third world country. :thumbsdow

    Cheers Oddbodd

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