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Can anyone advise me as to where I can get a replacement 15 inch lcd screen for a Dell Inspiron 8000. I've tried DELL and they want about 300 quid. I need it to be a lot cheaper than that - second hand maybe?

Please advise

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I've literally just bought a LCD monitor and know it's not easy to get them at really keen prices. It's even more difficult if you are being very specific. How about a black one, but from another manufacturer?


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Sorry - I obviously haven't used the correct terminology - it is for a laptop. I think there other companies that manufacture LCDs for DELL. It may not need to be 15 inch as long as it fits the casing.

General Skanky

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If not EBay then it's going to be even tougher.

Dell source their stuff from a few companies that I don't think will supply customers direct. I'm not knowledgeable in that area, sorry.

How old is your laptop?

What's wrong with it exactly?

£300 is steep I agree, but you may have no choicebut to upgrade or pay the £300 as it's a Dell! Sorry.

Couch Potato

If you do a search on the "Remote Controls" forum, I posted a link to a company called EarthLCD I think in the states that do this.


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