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LCD's and Gaming: let's be honest


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Okay first things first...

I have the new Sony V32. It's terrific in most respects. But I get some motion blur with games. All games on all consoles whether at 480i, 576i, 480p, 720p. It's not terrible but it's worse than my old CRT. I'm disappointed. My TV has a response time of 8ms. I thought it would do the trick. It hasn't. I've trawled through these forums and I've yet to find a single LCD TV that hasn't been criticised by serious gamers for blurring in games.

Here's the thing. I bought this TV for the office (that's where i play my games ironically) but I think I'm going to take it home. It's great for movies. But what now? I really wanted to get an LCD for Xbox 360, PS3. In short, HD gaming. But I'm not getting another LCD until this motion blur problem has been sorted once and for all. I don't care who makes it, I'm not a Sony fanboy or anything, if it makes the grade I'll buy it.

What I'd like for this thread is for people, serious gamers who take their picture quality seriously, to report their findings. Honestly and without brand/ ownership loyalty. If you've got an LCD and play games tell us about it. Does it blur? If so how much? Etc. Etc.

There's alot of people looking at LCD's right now to go HD with their games. Motion blur is the biggest enemy and the one thing that gamers really need to know about before they part with their cash. Let's all help ourselves...


richard plumb

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I'm not fussed. TBH, the actual image quality you get with 720p will be way better than a CRT. Yes, there might be some blurring - if you look for it. But personally I hate CRTs tendency for 'combing' which is noticeable by me in 50/60Hz games using an interlaced display.

FWIW, I have a philips 30pf9975 and think its great with games. Completed PGR2 and 90% of burnout 3 on it with no troubles. And to think my replacement Toshiba 37WLT58 will have better response times, better contrast - can't wait :)

I'm much, much happier switching to a proper progressive display, especially for X360 and PS3.

Any display device has issues, but for me LCD is the best fit.


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Is it a Samsung you have by any chance? I've found them to ghost more than other 8ms (or 12ms) screens. It's just that there is no accurate standard for measuring response times at the moment.

Personally, I wish they would require the slowest response time to be listed, or at least show a graph of the response.

This is the graph of an "8ms" Samsung LCD monitor, the 913N

As you can see, it's slowest latency is 27ms! (taken from tomshardware)

Samsung are not the only ones doing this though; it has become a trend with LCD manufacturers to list the best case scenario response time. Anything that is truly below 16ms is perfect for gaming. (16ms = 62.5fps displayed onscreen)

I recently emailed sharp about their LC32GD7E, as the full specs aren't on the website yet, and got this back in response:
The response time is 12ms. This is measured from black to white whereas some other manufacturers who are quoting lower speeds measure from grey to grey.

If the response time is quoted as lower than 12ms, I would suggest you ask the retailer how the response time is measured as our sets are regarded as the best on the market.
I notice a fair bit of ghosting on my Samsung, and while I don't have my hopes up for the Sharp, expect it to be noticeably better at least. (I will be replacing the Samsung with an LC32GD7E)

Philips have developed a backlight strobing at 100Hz/120Hz, which will eliminate ghosting. Well, it doesn't necessarily eliminate it, but the image will not be illuminated during the transition period, so you won't actually see it ghosting. This "ClearLCD" technology is said to be going into their LCDs some time in the first half of next year. (and they are said to be licensing the technology to other manufacturers)

EDIT: my mistake, I didn't notice you saying you had the V32. (which uses a Samsung panel with Sony processing)


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As Andrew has demonstrated, response time means nothing. Or rather, quoted response time. Same with contrast ratios too.
I've played through the entire of Half Life 2 on my PC connected up to a 32LD7200 via DVI, and its fine. You can make it blur by spooning around really quick with the mouse, but its not something that ever comes up during gameplay, even when you have do a quick 180 or something. As long as you dont specifically force it whilst looking for it, it doesnt happen.
Its been perfectly happy with other games ive tried too, including racing games.

My 17" LG LCD monitor (L1710B) isnt as good in comparison and blurs more easily, but again not something that is "normally" noticeable (although you can see it if your looking for it), and yet they are both quoted as 16ms panels. The Hitachi is supposed to have an overdrive function that lowers the response time to 8ms when needed, but theres no way to tell if it really does, and it depends on what Hitachi's version of 8ms is. IMHO, when people start throwing figures like that around, you can be pretty sure its a best case scenario only. Not that im complaining, because the Hitachi really is better for gaming in comparison.

My next PC monitor will either be a Hyundai ImageQuest or one of the new Viewsonics. Why? Because ive seen them both with games and they are fantastic. The only way to be sure is to see it for yourself, rather than buy based on misleading paper specs. I dont care if new monitor comes out with a 1 ms panel and 60000:1 contrast ratio, ill buy what ive seen and know to be good. Its the only way to be sure.


I agree with DANH.

I am as serious for gaming as they come,in fact the prospect of the xbox360(and later the ps3) is what made me shell out 2000 euros for an LCD and i own all 3 current gen consoles+a pretty good gaming PC.

The 7200 is supposed to have a 16ms response time(although i've read in this forum that it's actually closer to 10) and yet the ghosting is kept to minimum,almost non-existant.The only ghosting i've noticed,and that's after looking really hard is when i perform some really fast moves(while rotating the camera) on Ninja Gaiden.Having had a 16ms 17" NEC monitor i've found the difference between that and the 7200 to be huge,enormous....Playing Farcry,HL2 and doom3 on the pc ,when connected to the 7200,gives a vast improvement over my monitor (which was supposed to be decent for gaming a year ago).

When everything is taken into account,i've found gaming(at least for the xbox that supports true 16:9 and has the best ,by far,antialiasing of all 3 current gen consoles) to be much superior on my LCD compared to my 29"" 4:3 sony wega CRT.The DOA games actually look like the PR pictures i was seeing on the internet all these years :thumbsup: :D

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