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    Hi all,

    Ive just made a purchase of a panasonic LCD TX26LXD52 and now looking at adding a DVD home cinema kit to it. The one I have been looking at is either the SCHT330 (which has now been discontinued) or the SCHT530. my only worry is that there is no digital in on most of the panasonic home cinema kits.....and just thinking of when sky HD comes out i would like the movies to be in 5.1 and xbox360 and PS3 will be 5.1 also. Does this mean that when i connect either of my two selected 5.1 cinema kits, it will only play DVDs in 5.1 and the other sources (and TV) will be in dolby pro. logic 2 via the phono out-put on the TV to the stereo phono input on the back of the DVD unit?....i think so?

    I want to keep it panasonic as I have a panasonic set. The 400w version the SCHT330 looks to be perfect for what we want in our smallish lounge.

    anyone got any advice? or used any of these?

    Is there lip sync delays on the LCD also with these models?


    Adrian Hughes.

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