Lcd with Deep Colour feature (HDMI 1.3)?



What are peoples thoughts on hdmi 1.3 for LCDs.
Is it a lot of hype or do you think we will see some LCDs next year with the new Deep Colour? Will it make much difference or would you need a huge display to notice?

I know the new Toshiba HD-XE1 hd-dvd player thats due in early next year has hdmi 1.3 and the deep colour feature.

Panasonic say this about the v-real technology they use on their current TVs: -
"Thanks to V-Real Gamma Control, maximum 11.5 bit video processing makes it possible to reproduce an outstanding 29 billion colours with 3,072 equivalent steps of gradation. The picture noise and black blocking that occur with insufficient gradation is suppressed even in scenes with intimate detail, resulting in rich texture to even the finest movie details."

24bit colour is 17million colours, 30bit is 1 billion, 36bit is 69billion and 48bit is 1 trillion.
I'm kind of guessing that they could well make use of the technology next year. 30 bit seems very realistic maybe even 36bit

Thoughts anyone

Nielo TM

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HDMI 1.3 has minimal impact on consumer LCDs cos those can only display 8bit per shade (24bit in total).


Are you sure ive just read this on a current samsung lcd.

"10bit processing 12.8 billion colour: Samsung LCD TV's 12.8 billion colour display brings you rich and expressive images with a stunning clarity that is at higher levels than any other TV is capable of achieving. Now you can enjoy pictures with extremely vivid colour and greater depth in all environments."


good stuff, glad to hear that. I didnt like the idea of waiting, i want a LCD now.



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Only 2 players adhere to HDMI 1.3 spec

1.Toshiba HD-XA2 HD-DVD player
2.Sony PS-3 Blu-ray player

So only if you interface your HDTV with these players you will be able to realize the so-called Deep Color and Picture Depth promised by v1.3.

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