LCD vs Rear Projection TV's



Hi all,

I'm still undecided which type of tv to get.

I'll probably be using it a lot with my playstation 2 and Pro Evo 5 so is one better than the other for this?

I really like the look of LCD tv's but have heard that they blur with quick motion like a camera panning. I've seen this on a sony plasma during footy and it looked crap. I've been looking at getting the Samsung LE32R41BD

I guess rear projection doesn't look as good but you wouldn't have this bluring problem. And you can't get HD tv but thats not too much of a problem.

If rear projection would suit me better which one is good?
I'm looking around £1K.


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To get some good advice on rear pros you're best bet is to look at the rear pro forum, they'll be able to point in the right direction.
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