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I'm about to buy an LCD screen for my bedroom, probably either the JVC 26" or the Philips 23".

The majority of viewing will be done whilst horizontal in bed. My bed is lower than your average bed - its a Japanese style thing (ask the girlfriend). The LCD screen cannot be wall mounted and will be placed ontop of a chest of drawers about 4m from viewing position. The chest of drawers is approx 1.3M high, which means I will be looking up to view the screen (I guess about 30 degrees).

I'd never thought about it until now, but will the screen be unviewable in this scenario as I am not going to be level with the screen??

I intend to pass SKY digital from the lounge to bedroom via Philips Digisender (which is perfect with my existing CRT)

Any thoughts appreciated..




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As far as I know, both of the quoted sets have a good viewing angle in all four directions. If you don't mind doing contortions in public, you can see examples of these sets in stores and see for yourself.

The main (popular) one to avoid in these circumstances, is the Panasonic which is very poor below horizontal.

You may notice some minor loss of contrast (i.e. greying of blacks) when not viewing straight-on but it won't render it unwatchable.

If the supplied stand permits it - tilt it down as far as you can.

Other options to consider that are also perfectly watchable below horizontal are Sharp, Samsung and Thomson.


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cheers nigel.

I may have to go to my local Comet and investigate. Perhaps i'll pretend to drop some money on the floor or something?!

Anyone know if the Philips or JVC stand-mounts are tiltable ?

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