LCD v CRT v Plasma v Sony v Tosh etc


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posted this but didnt appear so try again...

LCD v Plasma v crt
Sony v Toshiba v Panasonic v JVC etc

No doubt I shall get supporting advice for all makes and modes but so far talking to a TV aerial and repair business, they advise Toshiba best, or if Sony stick to top of the range Sony Wega, say that 50Hz is better picture than 100Hz, get a unit that allows 50Hz selection. Processor not adequate enough on lesser models.

Toshiba best.

Some Panasonic ok,
Top of the range only for JVC ok.

Hitachi and JVC to name a few are not making their own TVs and parts are sourced from Turkey. Sony and Toshiba still make their own.

Go for tube still as Plasma poor unless seen at distance. My viewing distance will be 5ft 6inch (1676mm). High Definition TV will benefit Plasma as its poor currently versus tube.

Sony widescreen not so good a picture as JVC widescreen was one view from a friend of his set and his friends. Sony once made good TVs but now need to go top of range I have heard more than once.

So whats what with LCD, Plasma and tube then ? Lot of LCD and flatscreen advertised so should I ignore and go for Tube if wanting best qlty pic ?

Of course I shall go and see for myself but what’s the general view out there for the discerning TV buyer ?



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I still think for CRTs 50Hz SOnys are unbeatable


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MartinImber said:
I still think for CRTs 50Hz SOnys are unbeatable

ive got a sony trinitron from 1986 crt obviously lol and a tosh 33" model from around 1997 and both still work pretty damn good and i prefere them ANY DAY TO LCD PLASME ect ect


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It seems lcd/plasma are not as good as crt,but obviously this will improve and eventually surpass crt.When this happens i will 100% be getting an lcd,my crt is damn heavy and has a huge ass! :eek:


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VFM & Performance Wise CRT over LCD - Plasma

Likewise with the brands above, Toshiba for me offer the best VFM & Performance ratio CRT wise. I opted for a 36" CRT Toshiba that does PAL PS component input. £1100 from John Lewis with a 5 year warranty. Panasonic were looking for £1800 for their CRT the PD50, and Sony et al did not do PAL PS input at that size.

Only drawback - size of Tv, but if you have the space - CRT is the best picture by a country mile, I did a lot of comparisons of LCD-Plasmas fed via RGB Sky & Freeview only the CRTs made the picture look decent. Getting a CRT with component input raises the bar further.


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Sony no longer do a 36" CRT,teh HQ100 put all the Plasmas i've seen to shame. CRT still has the best picture IMO but if you want large screen then i tghink only Toshiba do them now?


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Having mentioned to my local Sony shop that I would prefer CRT as CRT I keep hearing is the better screen still, just heard that again from my digital signal distributor !…the shop says think to the future, it will be high definition, yes and allegedly at £100 for Sky. Telewest have no info at all on this, unable to say what cost will be, when it will be etc, though I don’t intend paying more than at present for the basic package, so no doubt I probably wont receive it unless it’s a total change for all packages.
Freeview however will give High Definition broadcasts of BBC1 ITV etc etc, and I watch those just as much so I shall be able to use High Def for some viewing.
The problems LCD had with fast moving subjects is much improved now with the new Bravia range from Sony the shop says, how fast is CRT…well it is instant, but the difference is not visible now.
You need a widescreen LCD Bravia they still say, then I hear from someone that LCD cannot give the contrast that CRT gives, black is not black.
So would a purchase of a CRT 32inch widescreen be a bad move then for a TV considering the next few yrs and beyond or just as suitable. Will it be able to portray high def transmissions.
I then hear there is a new less deep tube type coming December time, so obviously there is a need for tube still, else why bother. Will this be able to take up on High Definition where current CRT cannot ?

CRT or LCD, looks like CRT but shops have few if any.


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