LCD TVs With New Consoles


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Hi, hope I'm not asking a totally stupid question, but is it worth buying a HD ready LCD for the Xbox 360 or PS3? I'm quite happy with the CRT I purchased six months ago but I was thinking more for my games room.

As you can probably tell I don't know a whole lot about LCDs although I've been trying to digest all the info on these forums. Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Look at it this way m8, The next gen consoles are designed to output a HD signal as much as a SD signal. HD is a visual spectacular that has to be seen and enjoyed but if you are happy with your current setup then don't change it just yet.


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Playing games on HD is a lot better than on standard TV. If you have the money its well worth it. I have an HD projector for mine and it makes it a whole different experience.


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Why not ask for a demo of HD stuff in a shop so that you can make the decision for yourself if the improvement is worth the money? What one person sees as a huge step up in visual quality, another person may not see what the fuss is about. If you use your own eyes at least you know you won't be risking spending a lot of money on a strangers' opinion, only to find out that you don't agree with them.

You only have to go into a games store and look at an Xbox360 demo unit to see a game running in HD on an LCD tv after all...


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Mate, at the moment dont even consider LCD over CRT. If you do decide to switch, have a look at some of threads on here with people that are dissapointed with the picture quality and the accentricities of owning a LCD

Stick with an Electron-Gun..thats what I say. I gave up a 36 Sony CRT in 100hertz for an LCD...wish to Christ I still had it!


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the 36" sony is superb. I've not seen it bettered by anything (yet). But flat panels are the way forward and getting better all the time.


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What LCD did you get? Do you own a 360?
The way i see it, people only need next gen lcd;s if they have the next gen consoles to go with them such ass the 360.

SD is reportedly poorer on an LCD but not DVD and certainly not HD, both f which upstage any CRT.


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