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I hva ereached a crossroads in my search for a new LCD TV, but have narrowed it down to two possibilities:

1) A LCD TFT 19" Monitor with TV Tuner (8ms response time)- http://www.samsung.com/uk/products/monitors/lcd/lcdtvmonitors/ls19rtussedc.asp

2) A LCD TV 20" Widescreen (16-25ms response based on different sources)- http://www.home-entertainment.toshiba.co.uk/consumer/products.nsf/specs/lcdplasma-widescreenlcd-20wl56?opendocument

I want to be able to game on the xbox 360 when it launches, watch TV, and DVD's. Which will be best?

I am guessing that the Monitor will be better for gaming and the TV for watching TV + movies, but which would you recommend overall.

The only thing worrying me about the 20" LCD TV, is the response time,
although i have been told that i will experience no ghosting!

Which do you think i should go for?




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Depends on what the primary use of the TV/Monitor will be, if you want it pirmarily for TV and DVD use but still be able to fire up the console and game, then i would say get the TV, it allows more control for the picture so you can get it looking just right, if you lookin pirmarily for a Monitor that will occasioanlly be used for TV and the odd DVD then the monitor will be better as it will provide a higher resolution for PC use


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Any more opinions?
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