LCD TV to Home Cinema without Audio out


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I have just brought a Relisys 20" LCD tv and I wanna link it to a surround sound system. The trouble is that the TV does not have any audio out(left/right.

I have been looking at DVD Home Cinema systems and most link to the TV via scart, S-Video or component cable.

If I use these connect I am guess the tv will show the picture and the cinema system play the audio, but how can I get the TV to play through the home cinema system. Looking at some instruction manuals on the net some say that a scart lead will work but I wanted to get some views of here first.

I aslo saw this bit of kit which may assist me ?

Many thanks chums !


How are you providing pictures to the TV ?

Terrestrial aerial, Freeview box, NTL box, Sky ?


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Sorry, I will make myself a little clearer....

I have a Relisys RLT2000 TV which has no audio out. I want to purahse a HT-6500 and will connect the two unit via a scart. I only will be using a terestrial arieal.

By only using the scart will i be able to play the TV throught the surround speakers without connecting a audio (red/white) cable ?


Harlowlad said:
Just using a terrestrial aerial as its in my bedroom. Any ideas ?

The reason I asked was because you could connect a Sky or NTL box to an audio amplifier if that was the source of your TV pictures. You will need to find out if your TV outputs audio via the scart socket, because that's the only way to do it without resorting to a Freeview box.

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