LCD TV or LCD Monitor - 19-22"



Hi all,

I'm completely undecided and unsure about what to do for bedroom viewing.

I mainly want a display for the Xbox360, but I'd also like to be able to watch the odd DVD, so composite / component / SCART inputs for a DVD player would be preferable and VGA connection for the 360. TV capability would also be nice but is not essential.

So essentially I'm looking for the following:

19" (or larger) screen (widescreen)
Response time of 8-5ms or lower
No need for PC use.

SCART / Component / Composite inputs to plug in a DVD player
TV Tuner would be great, but not neccessary - especially if there's two of the three inputs from above so that I could connect a Freeview Box.

Budget wise, for something that ticks all of the boxes, I'd go for around £200-ish in terms of monitors, there was that LG 22" screen on Play that was at £199 for a few days that ticked pretty much all the boxes but it has since gone up to £230, which is still not too bad, but I'm hesitant to buy a screen without any reviews. There's also the option of the Mirai 22" HDtv for £270 from Dabs that would cover all of the bases but that really is at the very top of the budget and I'm trying to see if I can do it cheaper.

If I were to go for the over £200 mark, what's the general consensus on choosing between the new LG 22" which is Monitor TV rather than the Mirai which is a 'real' TV..

LG 22":

Mirai 22":

Advice very much appreciated, and I think if it's possible, I'd probably rather go for a decent pc monitor with speakers and an input for a DVD player that would hopefully be a lot cheaper.

(I posted this in the wrong section the first time, sorry about that)

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