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im looking into getting myself an lcd tv and seem to be going round in circles. ok from what i can gather the best connector to use is dvi or hdmi. now what sort of equipment other than pcs will support this? im aware sky are releasing their hdtv service next year so i assume this will be beneficial then. in the mean time though none of my equipment (other than my pc) supports either dvi or hdmi. also if i get a tv that doesnt support hdcp, am i gonna be stuffed when sky hdtv comes out and have to buy another set? so if all my equipment ie. dvd player only support an analogue connector, am i going to reap any benefits from having a lcd tv? also i dont even think my 5.1 system even supports component video, only s-video or composite! i hope this makes sense and someone can clarify a few things for me. ta. :confused:


Hi, welcome to the "I'm thinking about buying an LCD but haven't got one yet" club

DVI / HDMI will cut down on digital to analogue (and back) conversion, so should be better. Several DVD players already support this connection (Samsung HD945 for example, tho several more can be found in the DVD forum)

As for getting a set without a HDCP enabled DVI or HDMI connection... It's more future-proof if you do, and will mean that you can watch copy protected hi-def Sky broadcasts. If you don't care about hi-def or only plan to connect the display to a computer you could get away without it. Having DVI or HDMI on the set doesn't mean you have to use it straight away, you could connect up with scart or component until you get a new DVD player.

Av-system, perhaps consider conecting your sources direct to the TV?


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Don't buy any TV that is not ready for Sky's HiDef broadcasts. I know this narrows the choice down considerably, but that is a good thing! The TV's that are HDTV ready are actually more advanced anyway so that this decision sorts the wheat from the chaff straight away.

Connect up what you have now and relax. You can now make advances with your ither equipment at your leisure.

I assume from your post that you don't have Sky or Freeview. That would be a good starting point. Your home cinema is unusual if it has no Scart or Component connections. It must be a Sony! Conect it with the S-Video - this provides an OK picture.

Hows about a new Home Cinema system? Denon do a superb all in one that makes these modern LCD's really dance! £400!

So, New LCD, Sky+ and a Denon DHT500 and you're ROCKIN'!


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