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Can anybody help please?

Looking at buying This TV

Have read all the posts on here about how good they are etc...

I just wanted to clarify if I have my info right ie regards the spec of LCD TV's

Response time - the lower the better?

Contrast ratio - the higher the better?

Brightness & Resolution I am not too sure on, could someone explain these for me please, if possible.



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Response time: lower = better, contrast: higher = better, brightness: higher = better, resolution: well, bigger is generally better, but it all depends on the size of the screen and what you'll be watching. But, there are various different ways that these can be measured and the claimed specs are rarely reproduced in practice. This doesn't mean its a bad set, just don't get too hung up on specs, its what the picture looks like in reality to you that counts!


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The people on the site who've reveiwed it seem happy.

IT does seem to be very cheap for a tv of that size though.

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