LCD TV for Caravan

Hi all,

Hope someone out there can help :)

After getting my parents an LCD TV for their caravan. Maybe 15"-19", however they have mentioned in passing conversations that you need a different style of plug.

I want to suprise them, so don't want to ask too many questions about what I need to buy, so my next step was to ask yourselves.

If anyone can give advice that would be great.

Thanks in advance for tolerating my naivity :suicide:
Thanks for the kind reply.

I went shopping on Sat to do a bit of research.

Most 15" Tvs should work as they use a powerpack ratheer than a kettle lead and the boxes seemed to say the TV was DC 12V.

Can someone confirm i'm right in my thinking. These will run off the leisure battery?


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Yes you are correct, If the lcd does use a power brick that outputs 12v dc then it will work on a car battery, however as I have mentioned it can be a bit iffy because a fully charged battery can output as much as 16v and therefor cause damage, that is why I recommended a regulated power supply 12v dc-dc power adapter what this does is regulate the incoming 11 to 16v voltage to a steady 12v, but whether you want to run the risk is of course upto you but as I have mentioned if it says the power brick outputs 12v dc then it will work :smashin:

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