LCD TV Advice (Toshiba 32WLT66)


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Hi guys,

Right i have read a lot on the tvs and i had thought i was decided on the Toshiba 32WLT66 with excellent reviews and great price.

But then i was just reading about the pc connectivity is not good.

1) All i would be using it for is watching tv programmes from the computer to tv not game play. Would this be good or not? Or is there a different tv you would suggest?

2)Also as im new to this another newb question would i need a new DVD player that is HDMI? Or would my old 1 be ok for the time being?

3) Lastly which cable would i need to buy from computer to tv and best price anywhere? Think i would need 5-10m.

Thanks so much.
why would you want to watch tv from your PC when it has a built in freeview?

also your old dvd will be ok, but will not look as good as a new upscaling 1 (hdmi)!

you will need a d-sub to d-sub pc conection! it dosnt do 1 to 1 mapping

i just got the tosh TV today, and it does seem good, only messed about with it for a couple of hours so far, all seems good!


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I dont mean freeview channels i watch Xvid programmes from pc to tv. Shows that are not out in england nudge nudge.
1/2 the time the quality on these r SH** any way so i dout it will make that much diffrence! why not just buy a divx player around (£20) and a load of dvd-rw?
why not go to a local tv shop and ask them if they will let you try the pc out put as you will be using it? take some files with you on disk to play!
you can then decide your self if you think it is up to scratch ect?


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I use the telly on 1024x768 and connect via D-Sub and it's fine on this.

As an alternative you could go via HDMI but I prefer to use them for other inputs.


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i think it should be fine for me as i am using a svhs cable now to a crt tv and its not great picture but just fits full screen and some widescreen a little off anyways.


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I used a SVideo on my old CRT. Picture was fuzzy and poor. Don't bother with it.

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