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I am in the market this week for an LCD TV for my study/bedroom. Smaller screens seem to be a little bit sparse as (naturally) evryone concentrates on bigger.
Anyway, I am looking for something around 20" (17" min - 23" max), widescreen format. Must be (VESA) wall-mountable and I would prefer DVI input option. Detachable speakers would be a plus, although I have yet to find one of these.
It's going to be used primarily for watching TV piped in from my Sky box, and sometimes for DVD's from my laptop. Very occasionally I may want to use it as a secondary monitor.
Any opinions on best available (and where to get best price) with a max budget of £450 (would prefer to spend less though) In an ideal World it would be something that I could price-match at John Lewis.

Thanks for your help


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Thanks for that. I hadn't even thought of Evesham. They have a shop locally so I will have a look at this tomorrow.


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Did you try the Evesham 20" ? It looks interesting for me as I'm after something that can double up as a Computer monitor and a TV.


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Yes, I bought the Evesham.
20.1" Widescreen
HD ready
8ms response
DVI connection
1680x1050 resolution

It works well, looks OK and I think was good value for money at £350.
Worth a look if you are in the market for a TV and 2nd display.

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