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John Boy

Looking to buy my first LCD Tele, looking to purchase a 32", and spend aroung the 2k,
was looking at the Toshiba 32WL36, has anyone heard of this one??
Found prices of around 2300.00, but still looking to get it cheaper, what do people suggest, or should I be looking at something elase for the money I want to spend.


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JVC have a 32" version of their excellent 26" LCD due soon also Sharp do nice 30" HV4E (analogue tuner) and AD1 (digital tuner).
Also Phillips but i am not keen on them for a few reasons, but there are some happy Philips LCD owners around.


Takes quite alot of adjusting settings to get a good picture on LCDs IMHO but the Toshiba is awful, never been able to get a good picture no matter what I change, even on DVD.
I'd agree on the JVC stunning LCD there!


Consider the Samsung 32" also. Not geat looking but gets good reviews and has good connectivity including DVI.

If you aren't bothered about DVI DVD players and don't intend to attach a PC then the JVC does seem to be the best "CRT replacement" LCD TV out there from what I have heard.

Also we've not yet seen pricing but if you can wait a month there are a lot of new models being announced now from all manufacturers. The new high end Philips 32" sounds particularly promising.



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John Boy,
I've seen the Toshiba 32" (Actually only a 30" visible screen) for less than £2000 now, also, you can get the Samsung 32" from Comet online now for £1999. This has had good reviews, DVI connection and dolby digital/dts surround capabilities as well. At the mo' seems a good buy.

John Boy

Thanks for your replys
Didn't think it would be this hard getting a 32" lcd tele.
Especially as I had decided to go with the Toshiba, as I have a 33" Toshiba tele at the moment, and have no problems with it.
Looked at the Samsung, but wasn't to sure whether to take that option?????
Anyone know when this JVC 32" LCD is coming on the market??


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Originally posted by John Boy
Anyone know when this JVC 32" LCD is coming on the market??

These will be available from dealers middle to end of next week.

John Boy

Thank you Gary

Have been onto JVC, and they told me it was launched last August!!!!!
I take it all the main stores will know about it by now, and I will try and order one??

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