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ive posted up a few times now, but as im sure you all know the more you research you do the more questions you get, on my part this is becoming indecision now.

I want to get a LCD tv in the near future. its going to be in my bedroom and hooked up to an xbox360. will be watching dvds throught the xbox aswell.

well just a quick few questions, the bedroom is 16 ft by 16 ft. so its fairly large. i will probably be 10-12 ft away from the tv. Will a 32" tv be big enough for a room this size? or is a 37" - 40" suit the room better ?

secondly on my shortlist of tvs is,
BUDGET IS £1200 TO £2000

from the tv im looking for great performance with the xbox360, good colour display, and no motion blur with fast moving scenes and of course great h-def diplays

would appreciate all feedback and opinnions


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To be honest, if you are sitting 10ft to 12ft away I'd say you're not going to get the best from a 32" screen.

I'd say go for a 37" (42" possible overkill depending on room design/layout)

If you sit too far away you're not really going to appreciate the quality a modern hi-def set (potentially) can give you.

I have mine (37" Tosh) set up for a 9ft viewing distance, and I'd say it's perfect at this distance.

For me, I find the "typical" moans about quality of terrestrial TV dissapear at 3x from screen.

I have heard (from others) a good rule of thumb (with modern LCD's) is 3x screen size = ideal viewing distance.

So, using that formula: 37" x 3 = 111" or in other words 9.25ft

As you can see, I'm almost spot on this 3x calculation.

Trust me, if you get a 32" after a few days/weeks you're gonna start thinking, oh perhaps I should have got a larger one.

Just my thoughts. As for me, even at 9ft away, I would not want a 32" screen if I wanted to "ENJOY" my viewing. Don't get me wrong, a 32" would be easily viewable, but you'd get INTO the program more by going up a step.

Just my thoughts.

======== EDIT ========

Just read the end of your post:

The Toshiba 37" would exactly hit the bottom of your budget, It gives a SUPERB picture via component from an Xbox360, no tearing/smearing issues I have ever noticed on games.

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