LCD Resolution question



I want to be able to drive my racing sims and use my projector as the viewing device. I currently have an AE100 which limits the resolution that I can run the sim at to 800x600.

On my monitor I happily run at 1280x1024 or even 1600x1200.
Does anyone have a suggestion for an LCD projector that will support such resolutions?

Whilst the AE100 is great for movies and TV it's resolution for modern sims is starting to show signs of ageing.

Sony's HS10 or HS20 are the highest resolution LCDs currently available & will run @ 1024x768. Depending on your game(s), you may be able to run at 1366x768 on the Sonys or at 1280x720 on other LCDs such as the Sanyo Z2 or Panasonic AE500 etc.


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