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Hello, im knew to these forums. im having problems with an NEC VT660K. It's used. i have it plugged in and when i turn it on it shows a yellow light on the power button. when when i push power it dosent fire up. fans dont turn on or anything. it just sits in standby mode. what could be the problem? anyhelp is greatly appreciated.


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A common problem with NEC projectors (and others) is the filter door.

There is a tiny switch inside the door that holds the filter - if the door is broken or not properly shut, the projector will fail to start.



yeah well i tried makin sure the filter piece is in all the way but still no luck. anything else i can do or suggestions cuz its very agrivating to have this and not come on. thanks


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This may seem a bit silly to ask, but are you holding the power button down for a few seconds (it takes a couple of seconds of being held down - this is to prevent accidental powerup).

Failing that, try removing and reinserting the lamp (there is an interlock switch inside the housing).


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Hi, Long shot question, Do you still have the NEC VT660K? i'm looking for a broken one to break for part's. Many Thanks

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