LCD Projector - Budget of £500 to £800 - Advice Appreciated


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Hi folks,

I've been doing a lot of research over the last couple of months in terms of purchasing a projector. Most of the knowledge I've built up has come from threads on this site. It seems to be the place where the experts hang out! :thumbsup:

I wish I had the budget to purchase one of the more advanced models but unfortunately I don't.
The projector that I was leaning towards initially was the Optoma HD230x, but the more I read about the Rainbow effect the more I was put off towards buying a DLP. I'm pretty sure I could put up with it but I'm pretty sure the wife wouldn't!! :nono:
This then lead me onto the LCD based Epson EH-TW3200, but the sheer size wouldn't make it feasible - I'm planning on wall mounting it over my bed.

So now I'm a bit lost and would really appreciate some recommendations. Here's what I'm looking at:

- Budget - £500 - £800
- LCD Projector
- Full HD would be nice but not sure if I can get it within this price range.
- It will be positioned on a shelf over my bed and will be projected onto the wall about 4 to 5 meters away.
- Not interested in 3D
- Mainly used for watching Movies through Bluray and Netflix

Thanks in advance!

Dan L

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Not everyone sees the RBE on DLP PJs. Don't write them off because of what you read, at least go check them out for yourself :lesson:


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Thanks for the reply Dan. The nearest location that offers demonstrations is about 200 km away from me. I've been holding off on purchasing the projector for so long I've made the decision to go with the LCD at this stage.

Do you think there's any decent LCD options that would be within my budget?

Dan L

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Can't offer any suggestions I'm afraid - LCD was never on my shopping list :)

What I would recommend is checking the screen size you'd like compared with the exact throw distance you're playing with. At 4-5 metres that could be a huge image depending on the model - so this may narrow down your choice a little.


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Cheers, Dan. That's something I wouldn't have thought about. Thanks.
In general is there any brand that would be considered stronger than others? Or are there any that should be avoided? I tend to see a lot of positive feedback for Optoma and Epson PJs.

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