LCD Problem or Paranoia?


Bought my 1st LCD recently and am wondering whether its got a problem or if the following is totally normal.

When i switch inputs - i think it's actually always when i switch to HDMI1 for the PS3 the screen will 'ting' when refreshing to load the images, not too dissimilar to how old CRT monitors used to when you changed the resoultion on a PC.

Is this normal? Cant describe it better than a ting.

Just testing it now, it doesnt seem to happen when going from PS3 (HDMI1) to Sky (AV1)
Don't worry about it, it's probably just the video processing re-adjusting.

What LCD TV is it?


This is still hapenning - it isnt just when i goto PS3, it seems to occur quite a lot changing to other inputs.

Any other input please - is it normal with LCDs

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