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Stupid question, but can I trust that any courior being used by anywhere I order from, will be willing to carry a tv up two flights of stairs (I live in a top floor flat).

I need to order a tv in the next couple of days (26" to 32"), and then a bigger one (32" to 42") in a few months. Now I am sure I can get a 26" tv upstairs no problem but would struggle with anything over 32", even with help.

I saw one supplier who says on their site that their couriers are not insured to enter premises and would "need help". I am assuming that by "need help" they mean "do it all yourself". Is this a widespread thing?

Obviously I intend contacting companies and asking them but need to order today or tomorrow, as I will probably be offline for a month after that. Just figured that thousands of you have bought tvs online, so am sure that at least some of you may have faced this.

Some companies will charge you an 'install' fee, this means delivering the item, removing the packaging and pressing the on switch.

I was amazed how light and small the packaging was for my 32" lcd and the fact it fitted in the back of a taxi ! :smashin:

I did install a 42" tv in a friends bedroom the other day, just a normal 2 bedroom house, a council house with very narrow stairs. No problems with the TV.


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Thanks Pixelpixel. I'm getting tempted to order a 26" tv now, as I am sure I can handle that. Then take my time over a main telly.

Otherwise I might have a month or more with a 20" crt :eek:
Get a measuring tape and measure how wide your stairs is.

Go into Comet / Currys and ask them to measure the box in full for you. That way you can find out if its possible to carry up the stairs.

yes the insurance is correct, some delivery companies will not move the item for you others will remove the wrapping. My advice don't pay for extra delivery charge/service just because you have extra stairs!


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Thanks again mate.

Now considering just ordering what I was going to order (32" panny) and playing roulette with the couriers. I have a 3 piece suite delivered yesterday and they did ok with that.

Will see if comet, or similar stock the tv I'm looking at to get the measurements. cheers

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