LCD PJ and Gaming


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Hello, Iam interested in buying a LCD PJ for use with my HTPC. My question is: what is it like for gaming ie: pcture quality...the resolution you set your graphics card to etc..also is there any preference in which GFX card to use..ATI or Nvidia.....cheers


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Well depending on your budget most people go for either the Panny ae 500 or Z2. Both have native resolution of 1280x720 which is pretty good to be honest.

The picture quality is excellent especially when fed from a P.C. I`m an Ati man myself but there are decent nvdia cards around as well, again down to budget.

For games these things really do look spectacular. If your a gamer you wont be disappointed. I have an xbox and (When I can get it properly setup) a PC going into my ae500.


ATI has 1280x720 resolution out of the box (so to speak) with the catalyst drivers. With Nvidia, you might have to download powerstrip to get that resolution working. I've an Ati myself and it's a great card.
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