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Hi everyone,
I´m thinking about buying a LCD display for my computer, and connect a Nintendo Gamecube and Sony Playstation 2 using a VGA Box.

Is it a good thing to do? The videogames will be displayed 100% correctly on the LCD display?
Also, would it be possible to use Progressive Scan with those connections? I can´t found a retailer that specifies if the LCD monitor supports progressive scan.

Thank you!


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It is very likely that the monitor will not support a direct progressive scan input from the games consoles unless you get one of the better specified LCD TVs.

What the VGA box does though is convert the signal coming out of the console into a VGA signal which by it's nature is Progressive Scan (confusing innit!).

Some of these VGA boxes are ok but each one is so different (and I don't know any of them!) that one couldn't say how well it will work until you try it i'm afraid. I think it's safe to say a decent LCD TV (i.e. with video inputs too) will usually do a better job.


So, if the VGA signal is pratically the same as Progressive Scan, there would not be any difference in connecting my consoles to the VGA Box using component cables? I mean, it doesn´t really matter if I use S-video or Component connections?

Also, ranking from 1st to 3rd, what´s the best thing to do: regular tv with component connections, lcd display with vga box, hdtv?

I apreciate your help!


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LCD computer displays are exatly that - displays for use with computers. You can get some adaptor boxes, try or

However, having tried similar for my XBox, I've got to say it hasn't been used much. Picture quality was terrible. I think a PC output was in the original XBox specification, a pitty is isn't now.

How to rank the options you've given? Too difficult as there may be better ways than those options. RGB SCART to a normal TV should be excellent, VGA to a LCD monitor should be fantastic but the results I've seen are rather poor and I'd suggest trying to get a monitor which has S-Video and use suitable leads / adaptors. This was what we did to get a good picture via the XBox to a projectors, and binned the VGA box.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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