lcd over 32" or plasma


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I'm sure this has been done to death............but

If you want a display over 32" then is plasma the way to go?

Does the pq fall down the larger you go on lcd, or is this basically bo*****s

I realise that personnal choice is king , but are there more technical reasons why this may be the case.

Please express views to educate the ignorant :lesson:



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ON any set going large means that you see the artefacts bigger.
LCDs and PDPs have their own strengths and weaknesses (enouigh other source material here, so I won't go on)

Buy a set that is the right size, screen height about 1/6th of the viewing distance.

However, there is no inherent reason why a big LCD should look worse than a big plasma. But as plasma is a cheaper technology to make in big sizes, some LCD sets may have poorer video processsing to try to hit a comparable price point.
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