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hi guy's

i have read and re-read pretty much most of the posts here and still basically none the wiser.

Our viewing consists of

simpsons most nights
some of the news after

the odd 1/2 hr maybe maybe not.

a few of the ITV champions league and international football. some (but not all these days) F1

daughter watches 1 or 2 videos at the w/e (she's not allowed cbbc's at anytime )
we have freeview and an 15yr toshiba

I have been given some money to change and freeing up valuable floor space is a real bonus so-

As the LCD forum why should I buy a LCD over a plasma and would the picture match an old 26 crt ?




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Under 32" (probably 37" now) there is little or no choice. Its LCD. Above this size, plasma is the most cost effective. As for quality only you can tell as both technologies look quite different. It can take a little getting use to the 'cold' look of some LCDs so is purely dcown to personal preference. LCD are more environmentally friendly power consumption wise. Some LCD's will probably look much worse than your 26" CRT, others may look worse at close range but look very good at normal viewing distance. If you are moving up a size, your optimal normal viewing distance may well be further back than it is now but a less deep display will move the display further away from you again so may well compensate. LCD's and Plasmas probably are not as robust as a CRT so consideration on where it is mounted if children rule the roost is should also be considered. LCD's would probably take the odd poke wth fingers but should not be used as a doodle pad, some plasma panels may shatter with a hard sharp bash. Some LCD's/Plasmas are better protected than others as they have protective glass panels.


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Thanks thus far

To further clarify

I feel because the screen is to be wall mounted we can go up to about 37" (which both the mrs and I seem to concur)

Also at present we have two pc's so one could be used on the new tv.




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37" only has one real plasma contender...
The Panasonic 37PV500. Great screen, super quality, but it has it's quirks, check the plasma forum for those...

As for LCD, depends on the budget...

If you have a big budget go for Loewe Spheros or Xelos. The philips 37pf9830 is a possibility too. Below those you have the Sharp 37" ers, especially the platinum. If HD stuff is not your primary concern, then the P series are a possibility. A bit cheaper are 37" models from Toshiba, JVC.

Jim Barry

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Another consideration is viewing angle. Plasma has the same viewing angle as CRT, i.e. you can watch it from any angle at all. LCDs have relatively limited viewing angles. My Sharp LC37P50E is specified as having a viewing angle of 170 degrees but this is complete fiction - it only looks right when I am sitting right in front of it. On the other hand, I have a 17 inch Philips LCD in the kitchen and that looks OK from just about any angle.

With standard definition interlaced input (i.e. normal TV) neither LCD nor plasma is likely to look as good as CRT. The Sharp P50 is the best LCD for this usage, but is still not perfect.

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