LCD or PLASMA help!!!



Hi there,

In the next sixth months or so I wish to update my current television, main reason being is my lounge is not that big 12ft x 14ft and my 32" Panisonic takes up half the room at the moment!

I was toying with the idea of getiing a AE200 or AE300 projector but the viewing distance would not be very good and my gfriend watches quite a bit of TV so I would probably have to buy another TV for that use! In that case I may aswell stick with what I have.

So.... I was thinking of an LCD or Plasma screen, and do not really know where to start, are plasmas that bad for shadows etc whilst watching normal television etc. I see from looking around that you get more picture size for your money when buying a plasma though!

Was just wondering if you could post some pro's & con's that you know of etc etc.

Will be looking to purchase something at the lower end of the market with as much screen size as possible, I do not need speakers as I have an AV set up, I saw this http://www.techtronics.com/uk/shop/865-panasonic-th42pw6b-plasma-widescreen-tv.html. Any good???




Good screen, excellent TV replacement, not that good price. The sticky at the top is about price for the black version, silver about £100 more. Budget in some dosh for cables/adapters, they can make the world of difference.


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I don't think you'd be disappointed with the Panny, go for the best price you can get. And wall mount it too, it makes a big difference.
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