LCD or CRT not so easy a choice just now


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Studying LCD displays I see aberrations, spangly noisy edges to text and non uniform coloured fills to it whilst on CRT its not there, or a lot better.
Turn sharpness down on Sony LCD and its better but still not as good as CRT.
Softer edges to snooker balls on LCD v CRT and so on ,
Generally LCD image is a bit less well defined than CRT, given current transmissions, DVD commercially available movies, my camcorder and vcr recordings etc. This is the problem !...just what to do to see these as good as at present.

Where LCD takes off is with HD.
I have seen and been blown away by true HD transmission, not the belgian signal or a promo DVD showing what it might be like, but a Jap one, see the porcelain footage . Truly awesome !

If I go LCD then my existing vhs library and all the Hi8 and MiniDV footage I have filmed will look fuzzy compared to the better picture on the CRT, having tried out a few now with such. Do I buy for the future and accept an inferior picture from everything I have, I am glad I have not replaced my vhs pre-recorded tapes with dvd versions as both look poor on LCD v CRT. wait until they are available in High Def then buy, but for those people who have bought all over again as DVD, what a waste. They will look lousy compared to the HD versions on bluray that will no doubt appear.

Will High Def transmission be affordable or will I be stuck with fuzzy pics and wishing I had gone CRT. Current TV dead so must buy CRT or LCD now...being forced to decide now not knowing what viewing prices are is a nuisance. Its going to be 6 yrs before central TV (UK) are HD so if I get LCD then I am in the hands of Telewest, whatever they decide to charge.

CRT 1/3 the price of equivalent LCD size, £1800 is a lot of money to watch fuzzy current technology on, I will want to watch most of my footage again at some time and not chuck it.
If only LCD was as good as CRT for current broadcasts and footage I have then I would go LCD.
Perhaps I get a CRT for current recording and DVDs and get an LCD for HD transmissions, even more expense !

What to do ?


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I know what you mean. In my opinion, no flat panel technology to date is actually better than the very best CRT, when displaying standard def material. It's what CRT was designed for. When we buy LCD or Plasma we are buying for the future (HD world), and must therefore accept some compromise on current SD material. At least we get bigger screen sizes. I actually think I have a very good SD picture on my Philips Plasma, so much so that I keep putting off buying an HD ready model in case the SD performance is worse. Even when Sky HD comes along, most of it will be pay per view, it won't be 24 hours a day, it'll be bloody expensive, and for the most part we will still be watching SD material for some considerable time to come. To my eyes, almost every flat panel TV looks awesome on HD, and pretty good on DVD. It's SD broadcast material that really tests the metal, and to be honest most LCD's are not up to the job.


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HeweyBoy101 said:
I know what you mean. In my opinion, no flat panel technology to date is actually better than the very best CRT,QUOTE]

I agree - but I have the Philips 26 LCD with built in Freeview. Keeping the signal all digital helps LCDs greatly.

My advice to anyone is only to buy an LCD if it has built in Freeview.

As you say High Def will cost a premium for at least the next 3 to 5 years - when you may be able to upgrade to a cheaper technology - OLED?

Cheers, Dave C

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