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Could anyone tell me the advantages / disadvantages of buting an LCD monitor to use as a TV?
I'm looking to buy an LCD TV for my bedroom - and at the moment I'm thinking of getting a 17" widescreen.
I have a budget of about £250 - 300, and a lot of monitors seem to fall into this price range. Why is it that they're cheaper than 'straight' TVs?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Why is it that they're cheaper than 'straight' TVs?
Usually they have a poorer viewing angle and poorer deinterlacing, which means they aren't as good at rendering movement from Standard-def TV.


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Is deinterlacing a problem with most monitor/TVs then. Is there any attribute I could look at to tell which are better / worse than others (e.g. response time, resolution, contrast etc.)
The only way to tell for sure is to look at it in the flesh. But almost all monitors I've seen that have video functionality as an added extra don't do the best job of it.

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