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LCD media box cable issue of quality.

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by dylanothomas, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. dylanothomas


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    Hi. Can anyone enlighten me? I recently purchased a bargain sharp lcd. This has a media box to which i connected my cambridge audio azur 540 using a component lead. At first there were vertical lines. Changed lead and they went, but it got me thinking with all the best leads in the world surely the weakest link are the media leads from the media box to the TV. I bought a new DVI lead but this resulted in interference and a red tinge on the picture like sunburn around peoples faces and the picture seems a little too grainy when using component. Is the telly really capable or is the system cable to blame . If the system cable is too blame why are we never advised to upgrade this and how if like me a new cable results in an incompatibilty. Surely an lcd telly is the same as an lcd monitor? When reviewing tv's do the reviewers use the leads supplied with the TV media box to link the telly if so are these as good a quality as the ones we are recommended to acquire? I am a little confused. The telly in question is the sharp lc30hv4e (aquos range)
    Many thanks Dylan. :)

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