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Im currently working on some lipsync issues that some customers have been having.

We have been testing about 4 of our TV's around in different sites.

What we have seen is BBC is the worst culprit, either through the built in DVB-T tuner or through the Sky + Boxes we hooked up.

News 24, BBC2, BBC3 etc all showed a varible degree of sync delay on the audio and some testers said it was only noticable when somebody was talking and you watched their lips closely.

No other channels so far during the tests have shown any form of sync problems but we are going to be moving the 4 units around to test this issue nationwide.

What I would like to know is people are noticing the same on other units and which area you are from.

We know BBC has already said there are some sync probs in broadcasting in certain areas of the country.



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Can't say I've noticed any in the North East but now you've mentiond it, I'll probably be looking for it..... doh!

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use telewest and built in freeview in the midlands and i have been looking for sync issues but i cant see any

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Finally found you guys. I'd come across some concerns regarding the Q320 during the summer before deciding what to buy. Eventually I still went with the Hyundai....well unfortunately, the lipsync is quite bad in my area of Northants... sometimes, but I will have to start making a note now of when and which channels it is worst.
Anyway I had heard/read somewhere (I thought it was on here) that lipsync had been resolved with a firmware upgrade to 3.12. Which is part of the reason I went on to buy. When I checked mine it has an older version 3.08. I contacted who I bought it from and they told me to contact Hyundai, which I did, to be told back in September that they know they have a problem and are working on it and will be in touch. So I'm still waiting.... and by what you are saying here CoolCurly, the latest available firmware 3.12 has not done the trick either?

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