(LCD Input-lag related) Do any of you play SF 3, Virtua Fighter, Tekken on an LCD?

Discussion in 'General Video Gaming Chat' started by Bailzebub, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Reason i am asking as i have questions about the input lag that i hear occurs on TV screens.

    I think nowadays fighting games are somewhat less popular at least in the mainstream but i get the impression there are still folk like me who grew up playing them in arcades and still have a bash now and then on the console versions.

    This is probably geared to a Samsung F 86 which i think is the TV i wish to go for, for those of you who think i am not speaking in tongues when i talk about ''frame advantages'' or ''super cancelling'' does this affect playing a fighting game on an lcd screen.

    For example Virtua Fighter games are pretty exact as it is for some moves anyway, mostly requiring a stick but also very strict timing, down to exact frames to perform some moves, especially with characters like Akira. Or when you have countered and stunned someone you have a brief ''advantage'' before they can recover where you can give them a duffing up and your moves can cause extra damage or ''float'' them a little more for bigger combos.

    In Streetfighter 3 you can parry which involves tapping forward just before an attack connects with you, it stops you getting damage for blocked special moves and also sets up counter attacks as it can interrupt the flow of some combo attacks an opponent might try on you.

    Input lag reads like it would mess these tricks up big time, the strict timing needed is the difference between kneeing the other guy in the crackers after countering his kick or getting a ninja chop on the neck and getting smacked around the place.

    With games like SF 4 coming out and the possibility of having the old arcade days (minus muggers and old drunks on the slot machines) online i was wondering about other peoples experiences playing this sort of game and if LCD input lag messes things up for them. Cheers :smashin:

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