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Hi this is my first post here :hiya: and I need some help with buying a LCD TV.
I was going to go for the Phillips 32PF9830 but need to know if the Pixel Plus 2 HD and Ambilight 2 technology actually improve the PQ on things such as Sky. I also need to know if it works well with games consoles like PS2, Xbox etc.

Also is there any other TV that would work better/as good as this Phillips that is in the 32" range?

Im new to all this so please be gentle :lease:

Thanks for any help...


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I vowed never to buy another Philiips product 7 years ago, due to the way they handled reliabilty issues I had with the original Pronto remote control. Stuck to my guns ever since, so I can't talk about the Philips models - never look at them.
I have been extremely impressed though, with the JVC DS6 and Sharp GD1 (which has been replaced with the GD1 and it's cheaper stablemate GA6 should be just as good). Recently seen the 40" Sony V panel with an SD signal from Euro 1080 - no HDMI cable!! Even with the SCART connection, it looked plenty impressive.

I say the same as I've said before, rely upon what your own eyes tell you - trust them, they've never lied before in the past, they're not going to start now.

As for console use - they'll show up the poor resolution those things have had all along, but then, if you have the Xbox modded and games with 720p output, you'll positively cream yourself. Moreso when Xbox 360 comes out and all it's games are 720 out of the box, with other likely to be 1080.

I've said this once already today, if you need to buy now, then go ahead - otherwise hang off until next March. A slew of full HD resolution panels will be coming to the market, in much the same time Sky+ HD launches. Coincidence? I think not!

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