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Yes, I know the answers are all probably on Google, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who is wandering what some of these terms mean... So could anybody please give easy to understand explanations for the following terms:

Lens Shift (Z2)

Pixel Mapping (HS20)

Side Correction (HS10)

The figures in brackets represent the projectors being described when I stumbled across the term I didn't quite understand.




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Pixel matching is explained in the FAQ.........

Lens shift means the ability to move the image relativeto the position of the projector... if you do a search on "Z2", you'll find a link to the manual for that pj.... it's explained there. Side Shift is the same function - except it only works laterally - ié the projector can be off-axis in the horizontal plane relative to the screen... in the case of the Z2 it works in the horizontal and vertical plane.

These functions are different from keystone correction - this is normally applied digitally to maintain a rectangular image proportionality - the loens shift functions are mechanical, and usually only introduce distortions at the extreme limits of the function.

Sean G.

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