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I'm looking to buy a tv for the bedroom and am trying to decide between a 24" CRT and a similar sized LCD.

One of the main things I'd be using it for is gaming (i need to hook up a xbox). I've heard rumours that when you play certain games (eg. football games) on LCD's, the screen will fail to track the characters properly (image lag/ghosting) and hence render the game unplayable.

Can anyone shed any further light on this? Or am I just being paranoid :laugh:

Since the screen will be primarily used for gaming it's imperative that the screen does not hinder gameplay in any way.

Btw the lcd I'm interested in is the 23" JVC. Any opinions on the screen?

richard plumb

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no specifics on that screen, but try before you buy

Fastest xbox game updates at 60 frames per second. If you have an LCD screen with a rise and fall time of 8ms (total 16ms), thats fine for 60fps update. You can also check if its 'LCD TV' specification - a new spec that means it refreshes fast enough to use as a TV.

Also bear in mind that lots of people use LCD monitors with their PCs, and most of those do not refresh that quickly.


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You will *probably* notice ghosting if your a picky guy. Which you probably are.

LCD's ghost in fast action games.



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That's what I thought. :p

I've noticed this on the 2 PC's I have. One is connected to an LCD and the other to a CRT monitor. I much prefer playing games on the CRT as the LCD suffers from refresh rate issues.

I had thought that maybe the technology used for LCD televisions would be slightly different than those used in monitors. But it seems as if the same inherent problems remain.

Okay looks like I'll have to make more space for a bulky CRT set then. :mad:

richard plumb

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You've had info from two people. Don't assume either is right. As I said, you should take a look - take your xbox into a big store and ask to hook it up (only take a minute)

You may see ghosting, but don't go on what your PC monitor shows. Proper LCD TV specs have faster response times than many LCD PC monitors.
THis is true, My Samsung monitors have slow respose time but I knew this when I bought them and they were a lot cheaper than faster screens. I don't game on them though so I was able to take the cheaper option. I reckon you should try before you buy. There's a lot of missinformation on forums that's simply repeated by others without foundation. That goes for positive and negative.

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