LCD for medium size living room - which one to go for?



HI - I have a flat and want to buy an LCD television for the living room. I want something about 28" in size which is widescreen format. I am going for LCD because I play on my XBOX a lot and have been warned that plasmas are more prone to burn in - especially as many of the games I play have some graphic always sitting in the same place not moving most of the time (e.g. speedometer etc).

So - I am looking for something 28" or bigger in size, in the 1500 to 2500 price range. I have seen a few TV's in John Lewis and Dixons - but am totally confused as to which to go for. Can anyone help?



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At the lower end of your budget there are a couple which should suit your needs.

The JVC LT-26C31 26 in. will give you a visible picture about the same size as a 28" crt for £1560 and gets rave reviews.

I'm thinking of going for the 23" version which should be big enough at £1160 and has computer in.

Thomson do a 27" for £1410 - Thomson 27 LCDB 03B.

Other than that there are many 30inchers out there.


Originally posted by bodyfodder
How about this mate

looks great and very future proof. Iv seen it about for around £2000.

What makes this future proof? Im so new to this im really not sure what features i should be looking for.

I was hoping that there would be a clear winner out there - guess i was hoping for too much :)

I'll check the JVC out too. I am right about choosing LCD over plasma due to my addiction to project gotham racing 2 on the xbox right?



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Originally posted by phoTToniq
I am right about choosing LCD over plasma due to my addiction to project gotham racing 2 on the xbox right?
Yes you are.

Bear in mind - for all flat panels, the diagonal screen size is as quoted - a 27 inch is 27 inches. Whereas for CRT it is always overstated - a 27 inch is more like 25.

I know this is difficult to achieve, but before spending this kind of money you really should try to see as many as possible actually running with a decent source and signal interface set up. The various miodels quoted above should give you a good start.

After that, it's down to

- do you like the picture
- do you like the styling
- do you prefer a matt(ish) screen which may be prone to damage by children or one which is protected by glass but may show more reflections
- is the price in your budget

After that - go for the biggest you can afford. All TVs shrink (in your perception) after you have owned them for a while.


I am very happy with my Thomson 27" lcd it has a very clear picture, no blurring that I can see and looks cool. so I reckon it would be worth checking out


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Have you been able to find any stock of the 23" JVC?? I haven't anywhere and have been told that they have not been released yet. Not sure how reliable the source is though...?!

Always the way, finally make my mind up and then can't buy the [email protected]@dy thing!

EDIT - confirmed. I've just rung JVC and the 23" screen isn't released till early April - and that could fall back further.


Originally posted by richard plumb
philips 30pf9975, £1999 from JL with 5 year warranty.

Or Sharp 30HV4

JVC 26" is well regarded,

Richard - that philips looks the business! :) Anyone else have experience of it? I thought i read somewhere that a bunch of new tellies are going to be launched around easter time - anyone else heard this? Is it worth waiting till Easter perhaps or will i just be waiting for ever for the next new thing?



The Philips 30PF is getting excellent reviews.... based on the 17" models i looked at, i marginally preferred the JVC one, especially given that it was cheaper!


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Hi Sarll,

I haven't looked for any in stock yet as I was planning on waiting will Easter anyway.


richard plumb

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I have one, so am slightly biased.

I think its great for TV and gaming - it is very high res (1280x768), so great if you are a PC gamer, and also increases the perceived resolution for 'normal' games, even through svideo, which is what I use for all my video sources.

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