LCD Died Repair Help Needed


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I recently got a house that had a brand new ldc tv alread plumbed in. After a few months its now just turned off.
i power it up and all i get is a orange light flashing where normaly a red and eventaly green one comes up. ive Taken the tv off the wall and tried with new leads etc but with no avail. The TV is a Viewpia 46 inch. It started doing this when i simply turned it on and pressed the change channel button before it actualy kicked up properly.
Im looking for a company that would be able to repair it. Im looking at this as i have a cut out in the wall exactly the same size as the tv and its connection. Im in the west midlands area and would be very appreciative if anyone could give me recomendations as viewpia dont return emails. With research i know the internals are samsung as i can see the sticker thru the vent in the back panel but i dont know what the boards etc are about.
Thanks in advance


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Don't go back to manufacturer.
The seller is responsible.
You have the rights for a full refund, under Sale of Goods Act.
Your contract binding is with the seller, not the manufacturer.

If you bought it with credit card, the credi card company is also responsible.


I suggest, get a full refund and buy a new one of the same size. Prices are down the last couple of months and still continuing down. Don't forget to do it properly, complaint with phone and formal letters with signed-for. It's all in those links above.

:oops: sorry I didn't realise that it was part of house purchase.


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Have you looked in the manual (if you have one) to see if an orange light means something in particular? Could it be something simple like the child lock's been activated by mistake? Hope you get it sorted out anyway.


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Thanks for the help guys. The Guy that owned and refurbed the property prior to me getting it has in short vanished, i think hes moved for tax reasons . Im fine my property is legal and no worries about anythign exept this tv. The manual is very poor and it has no diagnosis of this problem. For the child lock example it says to keep pressing the menu key but this does nothing.

in short ive had to watch telly in other rooms of the house and this tv is enraging me, ive emailed viewpia eu office in korea but to no avail. Ifit is possible to repair can anyone please recommend a place. Thanks for being so helpfull it is very much appreciated

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