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Like many people on this forum I am currently looking for a sub £2k screen that can do everything and am finding it a little hard.

I reckon my split would be 60% cable tv, 30% DVD and 10% gamecube given the retention/burn issues I have just about ruled out plasma even tough the pv500 does look good.

The at leaves the 32-40" models from Sony, JVC, Sharp and Toshiba and I plan to spend all Wednesday getting as many demo's as possible in central London.

Can any owners give me some tips on the best set up options and what would anyone recommend by way of DVD to really test limits of these screens.
I have dvd copy of a Liverpool champions league game that the lcd on my laptops can't manage but was wondering about some films Phantom Menace, fast and furious?

Also does anyone know if Sky's HD football broadcasts will remove the current motion issues that LCD suffer from.

Will let you know the result on Thursday.



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You might want to look at the Hitachi 32LD7200 - it has great connectivity and a great picture - I have had mine a couple of weeks now and it has a great picture. See the link in the LCD section of this forum - cant miss it it is huge!


I picked the JVC 37 inch up last week its a real stunning set :)
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