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Im looking to purchase an LCD, specifically the Sony 26X2000. Im going for a demo tomorrow and would like to know if anybody would recommend taking any specific discs/doing any specific tests etc. Its alot of money to spend and I would like to make sure I will be happy with the set before making the plunge.

I will mainly be using this set for football/movies (Sky HD).

thanks in advance


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As I see it the traditional weak points of LCDs are :

1. Viewing angle
2. Poor black levels
3. Motion blur

1. is fairly easy to look for, just move your head around the screen rather than just looking straight on. Try this on some different material if it's likely to be an issue for your setup.

2. is very difficult to see in a brightly lit showroom. If they have a room in which you can turn the lights down really low you may be able to see a "milkiness" on dark scenes. Again how much of an issue this is will depend on your setup / viewing conditions.

3. I would take something with a lot of fast movement. If you have some film (progressive) and also some recorded off air football (interlaced) that would allow you to check both types that would be ideal.

Hopefully you won't have any issues with that screen and become a happy owner.




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For bright scenes - try any of the Collosseum scenes in Gladiator, fast moving and the sandy ground will show noise up etc.

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