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    Okay, yes its another which TV shall i choose thread but im looking for something quite specific and as you lot have many of the choices
    between you i thought what better than to ask your advice.

    Right Im about to move house and currently have a crappy Panasonic 28 inch CRT with in built Freeview. Its Freeview has a really duff EPG system to and its fails particularly in digital on a regular basis due to the lack of an effective aerial but also due to the facts its crap.

    I want to buy a replacement, now im looking to spend up to 1500 quid though the cheaper the better. I want a 32 inch LCD screen within inbuilt freeview (though not a definate requirement as soon as i move im getting Sky :rotfl: again) and a quality EPG system, and HD ready. If it had anything else like a card reader for example or PC connection thats a bonus.

    Now i have had my eye on the Hitachi 7200, which i believe excludes an intregrated freeview and im aware of comparative Toshiba and the Bravia.

    The Telly will mostly be used for Sky TV, so needs quality picture from there and with a new DVD player i will buy probaley the Samsung 950.

    Any thoughts ladies and gents on my options.

    PS I know you get alot of these queries and i know some are missed so i wont take it personally nor keep asking but you a friendly bunch so i thought i would take me chances:smashin:

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