LCD Burn-in

Does that apply to 'screen burn' too? Can you leave a static image on a LCD without fear of damage?

I am guessing so, as there is no phosphor involved but it would be nice to know for sure.


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Burn-in, screen burn? One and the same. LCDs do not suffer; the issue is caused by ageing of Phosphor (both CRT and Plasma have phosphor). LCDs don't have any; nothing to burn or age.

I have read comment that LCDs can retain an electrical charge that causes a latent image to be retained. However in cases where this occurs - it isn't permanent damage; the charge eventually dissipates. I haven't seen it on any of mine.

The only thing that 'ages' in an LCD is a fluorescent or neon backlight.

Static images do not cause permanent damage.


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I understand you may get a residual image effect on LCD, but that clears by turning it on / off.

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Originally posted by nigel
The only thing that 'ages' in an LCD is a fluorescent or neon backlight.
I have a plasma in the living room and have just invested in a small 17" Sony LCD for the bedroom. Picking you up on the backlight thing, do you know the average life of the light? Do you see it grow dimmer over time or does it just "pop" like a lightbulb? And can you purchase a replacement for a reasonable cost?


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I believe manufacturers quote something like 60,000 hr 'lamp' life for LCD sets. Even with 10 hours usage a day that equates to about 17 years. So I guess the moral is 'No worries with LCD'.


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Sharp have quoted 60k hours backlight life. I don't know of any such statement from other mfgs.

Some sets have it user-replaceable. Some require an engineer (officially). Either way, provided they are still made/available, it should be a cheap and easy job - it doesn't, for example, need any setting up afterwards.

As for 'how' they go - I'm guessing suddenly as with a fluorescent tube. Brightness may drop slightly in use, but not to any visible extent, I think.

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